Musical Youth: Still Remembered By Reggae Fans

In the early eighties a group of five teenagers from the United Kingdom naming themselves Musical Youth stormed the reggae world by surprise.

Musical Youth

Musical Youth yesterday.

Brothers Junior Waite and Patrick Waite plus brothers Michael Grant and Kelvin Grant teemed up with Dennis Seaton and demonstrated their artistry and skills in providing the best hits in the field of Reggae.

Musical Youth 1

Two Members of Musical Youth Today.

When the great trio The Mighty Diamonds hit “Pass the Kutchie” released in the 70s failed to reach the charts because of its subject – marijuana – Musical Youth were the group that came to lift up the image of the song to stardom by changing “pass the kutchie” to “pass the dutchie” (meaning food).

With hits like “The Youth of Today” Musical Youth’s popularity spread like a bush fire in the dry season. Their experience in music, as young as they were, attracted the great African-American singer Donna Summer to record “Unconditional Love” a song on her album “She Works Hard For The Money”.

Time changes, sometimes it changes with nice events, and sometimes too, tragically. After some few hit songs Dennis Seaton left the group in 1985 and the band split up. Then while Patrick Waite was waiting to appear in court on drug charges, he mysteriously died in police custody.

The group “Musical Youth” may not be active today yet the pace they set in music to inspire other youths into music can’t be erased from the history of Reggae music.