Abortion: The Killing Of The Silent Babies

Abortion is the termination of pregnancy or getting rid of a baby before he or she is born. Every year thousands of babies are aborted, due to various reasons, which have generated intense public and political debate on whether or not abortion should be a legal option, even though many countries have legalized it.

The main reason of abortion in Third World Countries is poverty, so why is abortion now at its highest peak in Advanced Countries?  On religious grounds causing the death of a baby in its mother’s womb is a crime, because it’s murder, but since mankind always want to do things in their own way, the significant of Mosaic Law (The Ten Commandments) is meaningless to many, including those that choose to abort a baby.

Abortion 2

There are medical recommendations on how to prevent pregnancy, so if one isn’t ready to have a baby, she has to take precautions and avoid that pregnancy, unfortunately, many ignore the safety measures, ending up pregnant. Anyone who wants to abort a baby should first answer these questions: What respect do I have for the life of the baby in my womb and myself? According to statistics more than 40 million abortions are performed worldwide each year, of which 85% of occur in developing countries.

Thousands of women are looking for children, some adopt and others pass through series of expensive medical examinations without success, yet unwanted babies are killed daily in our hospitals and illegally. Three months after delivery, the mother of the baby conceived again. Her husband persuades her to abort the child, because the first baby is just three months old. The woman did and since then all efforts to get a second child is futile. Her first child is now full grown man of twenty-five. The abortion she carried out has denied him a brother or sister.

At times a woman faces the challenge of aborting a baby, the fact that she is a raped victim. Who would like to raise such a child? Yet women finding themselves in such situations shouldn’t be encouraged to execute the baby. There are other helpful solutions for mothers with such experiences. A woman’s health might be at risk, if the child is diagnosed with a defect, terminating that child’s life shouldn’t encourage others to do that to healthy babies.

If the prevention of unwanted pregnancy is seriously taken into consideration, it may help to avoid sexual transmitted diseases such as AIDS/HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia and Genital Herpes. There are great people who influenced and changed this world, if they were aborted there wouldn’t be any history today. You don’t know what that baby you want to kill would be in the future. There are many complications in abortion, such as infection, cervical injury, excessive bleeding, ripping or perforation of the uterus and embolism.

A pregnant teenager still has a future. After delivery she can still go back to school. You will be surprise to read about mothers who decided to go back to school after delivery. Some are studying at the university. It’s not easy anyway with being full-time single mother and fitting work into the schedule too, but many have been able to achieve this.  I will conclude with this inspirational quote “I’ll love you forever, I’ll will like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be”- Robert Munsch. Where is your baby to tell him/her same sweet words?