BARACK OBAMA: How Sincere Are You On The Ebola Issue?

Mr. President, a couple of weeks ago, following media attacks and negative comments from people around the world, including Americans,  an article entitled “How tough is it for Obama as black president?” was published by Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper. I supported you and lashed against the Americans. From every angle, in regard to what is happening under your administration, I totally regret for writing that article. I apologize to Americans.

Obama 4

Mr. Obama, before taking the seat as the president of America, you swore to serve the Americans and the world in truth, please are you sure you are living to that promise and commitment? Can you swear that you have no idea that the Ebola virus was manufactured and tested on Black people in Congo and Uganda?

And if at all you don’t know, are you not aware of Holland Professor Johan Van Dongen’s research in 1972, which reveals that Ebola virus is human made and tested on black skinned people in Uganda and Zaire in Africa, in order to find vaccines against it for military defending purposes?

Since the publication of his research, are you not aware that the authorities have vowed to make his life a hell, taking him to court on several occasions, rendering him penury, losing his job and house? Are you also not aware that book he wrote in Netherlands to let readers know about this heinous crime against humanity, has also been banned in Holland and Belgium?

Johan 2

Mr. Obama do you know that on October 10, 2014, as a journalist writing for Diplomatic Aspects Newspaper in Belgium, an article over the above subject was published and it was posted on all social websites including Twitter, but the link of the article has been completely removed from the web without any trace? Who are responsible Mr. President and why are they fighting to cover up the truth or the crime?

Mr. President are you aware that a book I wrote called “Little Boygium-Wonderful Experience, revealing the indiscriminately killings of Africans at a notorious hospital called Stuivenberg in Antwerp, for body organs they needed very urgently for the Belgians, has also been banned in Belgium?

Would you call me a crazy writer as I speak against this crime? Belgium King Leopold II, killed ten million Africans in Congo, yet streets were named after him and statutes built in his honour in Belgium? Would you call me a lunatic writer when after revealing the killings of Africans in my book, the death rate of Africans in that hospital has fallen? Yet officials of the city of Antwerp went there to investigate pretending they don’t know what was going on?

Mr. Obama, now I know the reason the world and your own country have lost confidence in you. You have lied over Ebola and continue to hide the greatest crime against humanity after slavery. Mr. Obama you failed to do your job and Professor Johan Van Dongen did it for you, but he is now suffering in silence.

The world is falling apart Mr. Obama, not because of the rate of crime alone, but the criminals who try to cover up the crime. Where is the media? Where are they when the world needs them?

When the rain falls, it doesn’t fall on one man’s house, all those covering up crime, sitting down without doing anything significant to save the destruction of the world, would feel the impact without any escape. We should try to create a better world for the future generation including our children.

The writer