The Success Of Marriage By Sharing Responsibilities


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Sharing love is the best way to live healthy and happy

The emotion of humans to love someone unconditionally is a great experience. Love is wonderful, beautiful and strange. “Love doesn’t know rotten teeth,” that is a common proverb in my country, in regard to how strange love is. What attracts people to love one another differs. The way someone brushes her hair, walks, talks, behaves, humbleness and physical features, all play a significant role in attraction, leading many to tie the knot as the couple.

Few months or years after marriage, many couples begin to experience difficulties, because some lack the need to be a good husband or wife. According to a release, divorce statistics studies estimate that the divorce rate is higher than marriage. Some marriage breakups are inevitable when a partner cheats, yet this can be avoided when there is forgiveness.

Happiness in marriage depends on the role of both a man and woman play. What is the model for a husband? The scripture requires a man to love his wife as his own body and avoid anger and bitterness with her. When a man’s wife does a mistake, there is no need to be angry, since we are imperfect. The man should also remember his own mistakes. One of the secrets to a successful marriage is the desire to forgive each other.

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Even though women are usually described as ‘a weaker vessel’ that shouldn’t make men look down or underestimate their authorities as wives. As a married man, I will share one of the secrets of building a happy family. I usually give my money needed at home to my wife for safe-keeping. Many men wouldn’t like to do that but I enjoyed doing that because I get my money back anytime I want it. It may be likely I would have mis-used it if it had been with me. That is how trust plays a major role in happy marriage.

Marriage is a union. If in every organization there is a head to manage it, the same applies to marriage. The man can be the head to support his wife, but in so doing the man shouldn’t use his position to dominate his wife, because both husband and wife share equally in the undeserved favour of life.  A man who loves his wife loves himself because they are no longer two but one flesh.

What is the model of a wife as well to create a happy marriage? The scripture demands a woman to have a deep respect for her man. In every marriage misunderstanding arises, when this happens, how is it solved? The woman shouldn’t depart from her man, instead, she must use her wisdom to solve the problem. Men should, therefore, listen to their wives when they also want their wives to listen to them.

When there are children involve, both the man and the woman have a role to play to raise the child, to keep the child safe from the ever increasingly dangerous world. Children must be warned and be protected from sexual predators using computers or lurking around the neighbourhoods to harm children.